We urgently need a plan B

Energy from fossil sources is no longer a long-term solution. Pollution, global warming and the risks to our health are obvious. Green energy is a solution for a cleaner future.

Wherever you live in Romania, you can consume only 100% green energy, certified with guarantees of origin

Cooperativa de Energie supplies only renewable energy, certified with guarantees of origin. Wherever you live in Romania, switching from your supplier to Cooperativa de Energie is simple and online, without disconnections or changing cables and meters. meter.

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You have green energy

Why choose Cooperativa de Energie? 

The cooperative is a democratic model of organization, where you have transparent access to all information and you can decide which projects you want to support with your vote. The future of energy belongs to a community that gets involved.

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You do good for your community
You support a Romanian initiative
Devino membru in CdE
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How can you get involved in Cooperativa de Energie?

Cooperativa de Energie (Energy Cooperative) is a cooperative start-up. Its objective is to facilitate the energy transition in Romania, in which the citizen plays an active role. If you want to be part of the change, you can support Cooperativa by being a member, consumer and/or investor. Cooperativa de Energie is the first community that supplies and will produce energy from 100% renewable sources.

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